Roger, P.Eng.

Roger, P.Eng.

Roger has over 25 years of environmental consulting experience and has expertise in numerous areas of environmental consulting. These include contaminated site assessment and remediation (oilfield and industrial sites), environmental management systems auditing, design and implementation, environmental compliance auditing (AER and AEP regulated operations) and environmental due diligence assessments (oilfield and commercial/industrial). Roger’s most valuable attributes include his ability to see practical, cost-effective solutions to complex problems and to effectively communicate nuanced complex concepts and interpretations in ways people from all disciplines and backgrounds can easily understand.
Throughout his career, Roger’s keen technical mind and practical approach to problem solving has helped save his clients significant sums of money. In one case, Roger was called in to take over a large-scale remediation project from a well-known high-profile environmental consulting company. By taking a more pragmatic and common-sense approach to assessing the problem and by working closely with the regulator, Roger was able to take the project which was originally estimated at 3.25 million dollars and complete it to the regulator’s satisfaction for less than one tenth of that cost. In another case, Roger was able to save a high-profile oilfield client 30 million dollars on the acquisition of a major facility through his tenacious review and analysis of over 25 years’ worth of complex environmental monitoring data.
Roger is a professional engineer registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering (Geophysics option) from the University of British Columbia. His strong background in engineering, geology, hydrogeology and geophysics is a major part of why he is able to find practical and cost-effective solutions to complex assessment and remediation problems. His passions include water skiing, backcountry skiing, music and dogs. As a sideline, he owns a small pet I.D. tag business that raises money for pet rescue organizations across Canada through a generous donation-matching program.

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