As a GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist with a background in ecology and forestry, Zoran has gained extensive experience using remote sensing and GIS analysis to examine the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on landscapes, hydrological resources (wetlands and water crossings), vegetation, and wildlife. For over 17 years, he has led multidisciplinary teams in developing and designing spatial analysis processes for the oil and gas, mining, utilities and pipeline industries. Among many national and international projects to which he has contributed, a key highlight of Zoran’s experience is leading the world’s largest landscape area analysis of anthropogenic changes across Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta. The results gathered from the landscape change analysis were used in habitat modeling, habitat fragmentation and loss analysis, TLU mapping, land use planning, EIA/BIA – cumulative effects assessments, and reviews, pipeline environmental risk assessments, pipeline and road alignment sheets, and wetland mapping. He also developed and executed a methodology for the Avian Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment for the Oil Sands Region and worked in a partnership with World Resource Institute and Global Forest Watch to map intact areas in boreal forests.

Zoran’s technical skills include the use and application of Landsat 5, 7 and 8, Aster, SPOT, Quick Bird, and orthophotography. He has a high-level of expertise with the ArcView/ArcGIS software suite and ERDAS IMAGINE, and is proficient at creating and maintaining geo-databases and metadata in programs such as MetaLite Satellite Image and ArcCatalog. He also has considerable experience in using statistical data analysis (Microsoft Excel, Access, SAS and Sigma Plot) to support the validation of geospatial findings.
Zoran has a Masters in Renewable Resources – Forestry from the University of Alberta and his work has been published in scientific journals. He has also been involved in hearing documents preparation and has been called upon to be an expert witness.

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