Our Teams

Agricultural Science/Agronomy

Alfredo, P.Ag

Air Quality Management

Klym, P.Eng.

Botany / Vegetation Ecologist

Aimée, P.Ag.
Marcus, PhD
Nathan, P.Biol.

Coastal Management

Ymène, P.Geo.

Energy Management

Nathan, P.Biol.

Environmental Chemistry

Mayson, P.Chem.

Environmental Engineering

Roger, P.Eng.

Environmental Management

Roger, P.Eng.

Environmental Planning

Nathan, P.Biol.

“Beckingham’s team produced the best Waste Management Plan that we have ever seen.”

Large Energy Infrastructure Company Project Manager

“Your ability to get things done on short notice has been a real blessing! I don’t remember a time when we had zero revisions to make! We are looking forward to future work with you.”

Engineering Consulting Company Project Engineer